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"This is your life...make every second legendary!"

Bubble Soccer goes by many names, Zorb Football, Bubble Football,Zorbing Soccer...the list goes on. Bubble Soccer was first originated in Norway by the legendary Henrik Elvestad and Johan Golden making its debut on their Tv Show Golden Goal back in the early 2000's

Bubble Soccer is best described as the sport of playing a game of 5-a-side football whilst enclosed in a specially designed inflatable zorb. There are many variations and alternatives to the games played, including 1 vs 1, Bulldog, Last Man Standing, & Bubble Bowling.

The company Bubble Soccer World originally started as Bubble Soccer Scotland/England which covered venues throughout the whole of the U.K but with ever growing popularity this just wasn't enough, the business has now expanded with us covering venues throughout the WORLD! including Dublin, Belfast, Wales, Prague, Amsterdam, Bratislava, Vegas & Los Angeles.

Bubble Soccer World aims to provide you with the best possible experience and memories to last a lifetime. We use the highest quality equipment and zorbs with all staff being fully accredited and trained to ensure total safety & comfort


Bubble Soccer World


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