Three Game Modes To Enjoy At Our Bubble Football In Dublin


Ten huge, specially-designed zorbs await yourself and nine mates as you commence the funniest and most enjoyable session of football you’ve ever had. Our bubble football sessions in Dublin are ideal for birthdays, stags, hens, parties and many more. Safe, secure and designed to be as fun as possible, we know you’ll find our five-a-side bubble football a great experience for everyone.

If you’re the party organiser for a group of children, the stag do or hen party collective or you just want to finally tick this hilarious game off your bucket list, Bubble Soccer World is the ideal place to begin. There are many variations of bubble football in Dublin when you choose us, here are three of the most popular:

Five-a-side: A standard game of football, with a twist. One ball, one aim, many ridiculous runs, shimmies and jinks to score. Our huge inflatable zorb bubbles will allow you to bounce and deviate around the pitch.

Forward roll race: This is a great way to learn more about your zorb and how to control it. We’ll have a race to see who’s the fastest in your group.

Last player standing: Simple and effective. A circle of zorbers will be instructed to run into the middle – the last one standing is the winner.

Discover more about our bubble football in Dublin and book yourself on one of our sessions today by getting in contact.

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